The “real” digital transformation of industrial companies is not only one of our services but also our founding purpose and main task!


Normsoft A.S. works with companies that want to increase customer satisfaction and seek out new customers for export.






Digital Platform is a B2B marketplace business model that brings together supplier SMSE ( Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise)  who want to market parts products and companies that need these products on the internet.


Thanks to the Digital Product Platforms, member companies introduce their institutions and products more cost-effectively, quickly, effortlessly and reliably, while hundreds of thousands of industry representatives and their employees quickly and easily reach the exact product models they are looking for and the companies that are the suppliers of these products.


Engineering, architecture and purchasing employees of global companies are already logged in as registered users for a long time on Digital Product Platforms; They can easily access the mechanical, electronic, architectural parts and supplier information they request in their own language. On platforms where membership is free for the user, some work needs to be done for companies to enter product information into the system.


The procedure is briefly as follows; The member company shares with our team the information about which products (B2B portal, mobile application, own corporate website, etc.) they want to be published. After the meeting, if necessary, 3D models are created and shared 24/7 with millions of existing global users. In this way, detailed analyzes about each user accessing models and data are delivered to the member company in real time, orders are placed with order forms and new sales opportunities are created. At the same time, customer satisfaction is ensured thanks to dozens of 2D and 3D original format outputs and corporate website integrations.


Normsoft A.S. It continues to be the only official solution partner of global platforms with its 8-person education, software and business development team, consultants, academic collaborations in 3 regions in Turkey, including Istanbul, Bursa and Izmir. In addition, the organisation, which increased its investments in 2021, is going to a new structuring in one of the European Union member countries in 2022 and plans to make a breakthrough in service exports.